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Announcing Sun Star GIS – a new Geospatial App

I met Patrick, director of Yellow Dot Geospatial, at an Apple seminar.

Patrick is a Geospatial mapping expert. He had noticed that GPS location and heading information which Apple stores every time you take a photo with an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 (see Location Services) rivals the quality of expensive industry standard geospatial equipment – that an iPhone has the capacity to replace thousands of dollars worth of specialised geospatial photography kit. But Patrick also noticed a gap in the market – extracting and packaging the iPhone photographs was time consuming, and required the use of expensive third party software.

Desirable Apps helped Patrick realise his vision of a better solution – under Patrick’s guidance, we developed an app which allows users to select images from their photo album, and package the images into industry standard geospatial mapping files – either a KMZ file (compatible with Google Earth), or a set of Shape Files (compatible with specialised GIS software such as Arc GIS).

Click HERE to see the Sun Star GIS app website.

Patrick is very happy with the outcome of this project – he now owns a potentially game changing app, which is attracting high level interest from individuals and organisations, whose only option prior to the development of Sun Star GIS was to spend thousands of dollars per mapping consultant purchasing expensive specialised equipment and software. Patrick is particularly excited about the app’s offline capability, which allows GIS consultants in the field to do their job without the need for an Internet connection, and the app’s ability to use photographs which were created before the app was installed.

If you would like to know more about Sun Star GIS, please contact Yellow Dot Geospatial. If you would like to know more about how we can help you develop your vision into a mobile app, or have any questions about the technology, please contact Eric Worrall.

2 thoughts on “Announcing Sun Star GIS – a new Geospatial App

  1. Simon

    I really liked that you are clear in your ideas and so do I. I am completely agree with you on the facts those have mentioned here. Some time we require customized apps only to serve the purpose.

    1. admin Post author

      Absolutely – writing a custom app makes sense if it creates a new level of convenience, or offers a genuinely new way of doing things.


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