Monthly Archives: July 2021

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Field Prototypes

Field Testing Internet of Things

Lots of soldering and electronic assembly happening at Desirable Apps, as one of our internet of things projects moves from prototype to field testing. In the picture is a completed field test device, and the control units for four more partially assembled field test devices.

When completed, the devices will be distributed to volunteers, who will use them in a real world home setting, providing valuable feedback about what adjustments are required to move forward to a production version.

I cannot go into detail about exactly what the devices do, but all of them will be installed at client premises, and used to continuously measure an important metric and report the measurements in realtime straight to a management console. The devices are Heltec ESP32 based, with full WIFI internet connectivity and bluetooth capability. The management console website is a Django Python system, which accepts a constant stream of updates from the field devices, and collates them into a continuously updated management report.

If you would like to know how internet of things can be used to streamline your reporting process, so you can have literally up to the second information about what is happening in key areas of your business, please contact Desirable Apps to discuss your requirements.